We are Bluewave:
Providers of next-gen smart technology

About Bluewave Global

What Makes Us Different

Bluewave is an international high technology manufacturer of connected devices for individual end users. It also reinforces organizations in various industries with technology solutions through its systems integrator arm. Bluewave is the coming together of brilliant engineers, designers, and marketers who are true-blue passionate to bring a wave of change in smart technology.

We offer the next generation of smart devices that are easy on the budget and simple to use so people can avail them to make smarter choices and smarter use of time. We have the right solutions tailor-fit for offices and cities for a world that fosters safety, connectivity, and comfort.

In the end, we want to bridge the gaps in communication, computing, and security by putting together smart technology for a connected and smarter humanity.

How We Evolved

Technology is forever evolving—that’s what makes it exciting and a huge sea of opportunities. With the rise of smartphones and mobile technology, we ventured into the design, development, and manufacture of smart devices. We were also able to reach far more people by providing enterprise solutions with expertise in security and surveillance systems.

From video cards to a wide range of high tech devices and services, what started as a ripple is now becoming a full-scale wave! We continuously develop our products and our brand. We expand our operations with head office in Hong Kong, research and development centers in Palo Alto, Singapore, and Tel Aviv, Middle East regional headquarters in Dubai, and regional sales in Manila.

What We're Good At

We know technology and we understand customers’ needs best. That’s why every device and solution is based on the unique personality, usage habits, requirements, and situation of every user and enterprise.

Bluewave for People

With Bluewave, there’s an easier yet faster way to accomplish tasks, better way to connect with loved ones, and a sure way to protect the things and people that matter to you. From our powerful HD tablets to our network and security devices, we help create inspiring stories and a modern lifestyle that’s truly rewarding and satisfying.

Bluewave for Business

For many, business is a risky venture. But Bluewave can turn it into a success story. We don’t only provide cutting-edge security equipment. Our solutions provider customizes security, network, and LED display solutions. No matter the industry or line of business, be able to secure and maintain operations and engage more customers, while increasing savings and revenues and managing risks.

Bluewave for Public Service

When it comes to public welfare, there’s no room for errors and delays. That’s why Bluewave is working at the forefront in providing the most comprehensive and advanced technology solutions through the industry’s trusted solutions provider. We empower government sectors with the right technology to secure, serve, and inform citizens in a fast and efficient manner.

What We're Committed To

Our Vision

● To be the top-of-mind global smart device manufacturer and solutions provider from Asia

Our Mission

● To see and best understand the needs of people, businesses, and government worldwide and how technology can work for them

● To turn technology into people’s partner towards their development, success, satisfaction, and a means to connect humanity

About Bluewave